Mouhamadou Diouf

Dec 4, 2020

4 min read

Here Are The Best Code Editors For JavaScript Developers

Whether you are new or experienced in JavaScript, code editors are important. In fact, a good code editor will make you more efficient and help you debug your code.

In this article, I’ll talk about the best code editors you can use. This will help you improve your productivity and build awesome projects. So let’s go!

First…what is a code editor?

A code editor is a program designed to write and edit code. This might seem simple but that’s the goal. Well, can you use a plain text editor like Notepad to write your code? The answer is yes, but I DON’T recommend that.

Code editors are awesome because they offer an environment for fast development.
Now let’s see my top-most code editors:


What I like about Atom is the fact that it’s customizable. The interface is clean, and it’s many awesome themes give you so much motivation to do one thing: write code.

For example, here’s one of the most popular themes you can get: it’s called Atom Material UI and I can say it’s a nice theme.

Another good point is the GitHub interface. With it, you can stage and push your files to GitHub with just some clicks.

The Atom editor’s power comes from its large open source community. This allows almost infinite addons. In fact, Atom is one of the most customizable code editors out there.

You can use it on Windows, Mac, and Linux. This is great as I am currently using Linux for development.

Atom is created by Github and now owned by Microsoft. And I can say it’s a great code editor that I definitely recommend.

Get it here: Atom Code Editor

Visual Studio Code

I use Visual Studio Code or (VS Code ) on a daily basis to work with my remote partners. And I must admit it’s powerful.

And no need to say that VS Code is available on the major platforms. Yes, when I work with my remote coding partner, it doesn’t matter if I use Linux, Windows, or Mac. And that’s what I like about VS Code.

In fact, a lot of developers swear by it and it. And it has become the standard development platform for developers for a couple of years. VS Code is powerful and offers a lot of features like:

– Emmet,

– A built

-In Git interface,

– Intellisense,

– An integrated command-line interface, and many other extensions like EsLint or Prettier.

If you want to know all the powerful features of VS code, here’s something that can help you for sure:
And if you want to know all the amazing things you can do with the VS Code, I found this website for you:

You can download it here: Get VS Code


I started using brackets when I was learning web development for the first time. And I liked it. The truth is that Brackets has an interface that makes you feel comfortable. So if you are new to web development, I recommend you Brackets code editor.

Get it here: Brackets Code Editor

Sublime Text

I used Sublime Text for some time, but, I didn’t like the interface. Now it’s my opinion because a lot of people are using Sublime Text. Still, it’s one of the most popular code editors you can use.

Get it here: Sublime Text

There are a lot of code editors out there and those I talked about in this article are a few. In fact, there are a lot of other programming languages like NotePad++, Vim, or Visual Studio (not VS Code). Take a look at this article for more: Most Popular Development Environments